Most of you reading this know at least a little about me. I grew up outside of Pittsburgh, dreaming of careers in real-estate, professional football (don't ask why), and even espionage (I was an imaginative young person). During high school I decided to consider medicine as a career path, and my undergrad experience solidified that motivation. Medicine combines all of my interests and goals and I am ready for the long uphill battle ahead. I mean, I made it this far!

Here is how this blog will work, on the Home page you will find the highlights of my Spain Fulbright experience. The Daily Blog is exactly that, a blog through which I will post more informally and much more frequently, with more detail! Another bonus, is that this can be a forum for you to communicate with me, whether it be questions, comments, wisdom, or suggestions! 

I am not an aspiring writer- not even close. I am simply a young woman of color who has earned an incredible opportunity and wants to share it with those who have either played a role in my "come-up", are interested in pursuing a similar path, or are simply curious to see where this takes me. Whatever your reasons are for reading my blog, welcome! I am so excited that you want to join in this journey :)

Signed with a smile,