Day 37/41: The Rain in Spain...

I intended to post this last week when I was caught off guard by Madrid’s quick transition from summer to fall. The previously sunny, warm, and breezy (stereotypical) Spanish clima shifted to cloudy, rainy, and windy.

Somehow, this change in weather lifted my spirits a little. Having weather that is similar to home made me feel less far away, and I welcomed the change! It probably didn’t hurt that I had a mini-vacation planned to Málaga, a coastal town in Southern Spain. :)

This past weekend in Málaga was lovely. I was excited to have a break from the rain and chill to sit on the rocks by the mar, soaking up the final days of “Spanish summer”. I will post pictures of my adventure to Málaga in the Gallery :)

Now, I am back in Madrid with a schedule and a plan and a textbook to study and language to learn!

Oh, I am also meeting the King of Spain tomorrow, Felipe VI de España… ¡Que interesante!