Day 57: Education Matters

Fecha: 31/10/2018

Today, I had the opportunity to visit one of the Deaf schools that I hope to include in my study. This was my first time visiting any school here in Spain and I was delighted by how bilingual the school was. Unlike in the US, Spain does not have any schools with only Deaf children due to an integration law that was passed to have d/Deaf students integrated into “ordinary” schools. Which sounds like the mainstreaming of children in the US. As I have yet to do much research into modern Deaf education in Spain (my literature review still has me in the 18th century), I cannot yet share more about my thoughts on this law.

However, the school that I visited was very diligent about a bilingual environment in which hearing and d/Deaf peers alike learn Spanish Sign Language. The classrooms and hallways were set up to be accessible to as many as possible. For example, on the bathroom door you would find the word for “bathroom” in Spanish and English, along with a picture depicting the sign and a pictogram. It is small adaptations such as these that enhance the learning of d/Deaf and hearing children alike.

I am excited to continue to delve into the history of Deaf education in Spain, through literature review, to better my understanding on how d/Deaf children today are impacted by education!