Day 14: Productivity on the Horizon

I am now casi curada! But… I would give my health an 80%! So, who knows? Tomorrow may be the day that I can finally breathe easily!

I have much hope.

The title of this post is “Productivity on the Horizon” because, like many individuals my age, I need a little bit of pressure to really get productive. The pressure, in my case, is a meeting with my project mentors: Prof. Dr. Rayco H. González Montesino and Prof. Dr. Ricardo Moreno Rodríguez.

Yes. They are very fancy

and very


Our meeting is on Thursday, therefore, today I accomplished some prep to my prep for the meeting. How does one prepare to prepare for a meeting? Well, friends, by minimizing distractions that could potentially distract you LATER when you are trying to prepare for your meeting! To alleviate these potential distractions I: adjusted my budget, read and responded to a few (very old) emails, watched a movie on Netflix that caught my eye the most, AND started a document titled “Expectativas y Objetivos” (for tomorrow when I actually think about the expectations and ideas to be discussed during our meeting)!

You see?! Productivity IS on the horizon!

I would love to give more incredible advice on how to live one’s most productive life, however, it is getting late, and I must sleep (the final step of my “pre-prep prep”)!

¡Buenas noches a todxs!