Day 15: WiFi Ilimitado?!

Hola, Hola!

Today, my greatest accomplishment, aside from completing my preparation for my meeting tomorrow, was finding a cool café with unlimited WiFi (pronounced “WeeFee” here in España).

Now, it is VERY possible that WiFi ilimitado is a very common resource and the few cafes where I chose to use WiFi were anomalies…. Regardless, finding a work-friendly environment with good espresso and unlimited WiFi a short walk from my apartment, was wonderful.

I also stayed long enough to eat almuerzo AND comida (that’s two Spanish meals — I will share a post about the meal schedule here following a few more days of observation). As far as work accomplished, I sent a VERY important email, completed my list of questions/concerns for my meeting with my mentors, AND watched “Sing” (yes, the movie on Netflix about the singing animals). Yes, all that in the cafe!

Overall, I consider today un éxito (a success).

PS: If you are ever unsure about any Spanish in my posts I’d recommend OR! Look at you learning Spanish!