Day 18: Therapeutic Lists

Fecha: 22/9/2018

Good evening!

It is very late here so I will make this post very short (and I ended up falling asleep before finishing my proofread!). This morning was a very lazy Saturday morning. I stayed in bed, trying to test how much more semi-conscious sleep I could get before my stomach forced me to go to the kitchen to make brunch.

After I ate, I decided to meet up with two Fulbrighters at a cute cafe near me called Adorado. We met with the goal of mutual emotional support starting the application process for our TIE, or Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero. The TIE is a residency card for which the process to obtain might be ALMOST as arduous as that of my Visa.

I am required to obtain and complete certain documents that verify that I am, indeed, living legally and honestly in Spain. Thankfully, the Spanish Fulbright Commission is VERY good at keeping us informed on the process. We just have to actually complete all of the required action items. THUS, I made a humongous list that outlines every thing I have to do to get the card.

I was inspired after seeing the TIE To-Do list organized nicely. I then made a grocery list, a places to visit in Madrid, a places to visit outside of Madrid, a reading list, AND a general To-Do list. I may have gotten a little carried away, but, in my opinion, any work done in a chic cafe is productive work.

Buenas Noches!