Day 20: A Friend in Need

Good evening, all!

I didn’t write anything about yesterday (23/9) because it mostly revolved around a hunt for a sofa with my roommate. We went to a huge flea market called “El Rastro” that occurs every Sunday and Spanish holiday. It is wonderful that the market is just down the street from our apartment! We hunted for a few hours without success (but found a lot of VERY expensive antique furniture). HOWEVER, we ended up using a French Auxiliaries Facebook page to find a used couch for a mere 40 eur!

Oh! I just remembered that I also attended a Fulbright picnic in El Retiro park! It was absolutely lovely :) Everyone brought various cheeses, meats, grapes, olives, and vino. ¡Qué perfecto!

Perhaps, I did have something to share about yesterday!

Anyway, today I spent most of my day with my Fulbright pals. Unfortunately, one of my friends was a victim of a very elaborate housing scam… It is frustrating when this happens to someone you know and you are unable to offer much help. So, I decided to cook him and a few others dinner tonight and we enjoyed a meal together in the dining room of his new AirBnb.

It was a bittersweet kind of day but I am happy that I could at least share space with everyone and remind my friend that tomorrow is a new day and that everything will settle into place soon.

With that, I wish you goodnight.