Day 193: Time. I don't have enough of it.

I am very excited to share with you, some BIG news! Well, it may not seem too exciting to you, but believe me, I have worked long and hard to achieve this…. I am FINALLY on my data collection phase… 3 months after I had planned to begin.

However, I’m not upset.

I am now ready to begin to collect data, and although it is a bit behind schedule, I have had so many experiences that have improved my methodology and the questions I’m asking my participants. I have had time to study and improve my literature review process, to become more familiar with the Spanish Deaf Community, and to teach English to Spanish Deaf university students.

I believe that this is an important message to anyone interested in pursuing, or just curious about, independent field research. Field research is dynamic and will rarely ever be exactly as you planned (if you are an independent field researcher, and you achieved your timeline EXACTLY, please, tell me your secrets)! Even though your timeline may change, the experiences and knowledge you gain are invaluable!

Speaking of time outside of my research, I really do wish I had more of it! If you read my 5 month update on the main page, you know that I am now seeing this city through fresh eyes. I want to not only explore Madrid, but I have conveniently “caught the travel bug” and want to see more of Spain! For the few short months I have left, I’m not sure how much more I’ll be able to see, but I am eager to make the most of it.