FAQ: How does one come up with a strong research project/proposal?

This is a question that is most often asked by students who are considering applying for the Fulbright, or really any research scholarship whether it be in a local, national, or an international competition. There are a few key points that I've learned throughout my years of research and wanted to share with you all!

Before I begin, I want to disclose that I am no expert! I simply am sharing what has worked for me, so that it can hopefully lead you towards success.

Let us begin with proposing research in general. I learned an acronym a few years ago that I find to be a great way to quickly outline a "rubric" for a strong research project: FINER.

FeasibleInterestingNovelEthical, and Relevant.

When developing a research question, you want to ask yourself: "Is my project feasible in the time frame Iā€™m allotted? Yet, is it complex enough to accomplish within a year? Would others, both within and outside of my field, find it interesting? Has my exact project been conducted before? If so, how will I contribute further the topic? Is it ethical and fair to the subject of the research? Is it relevant to my field, or even to the greater academic and/or social community?"

Asking yourself questions similar to those I listed above, will direct you towards a project that is robust and a strong candidate for grants.