Day 208: Patience is a virtue... I thought I had.

It has (only) been two weeks since I sent out my survey to Universities across Spain (I had to force myself to include the “only” as more of a reminder to myself)… and there are still no new responses *sigh*.

To give a little more background on my survey… It a brief survey to be taken by d/Deaf university students in Spain. Participants are asked to reflect on their experiences in Spanish education as a d/Deaf individual. I ask about the student’s self-evaluation of language skills, and their opinions of both the Deaf and hearing communities. The survey has been sent to Universities across Spain and will be distributed by each Office of Services to their d/Deaf students.

When conducting research, there are a number of phases in which a lot of patience is required.

I find that in times like these, writing my situation down helps. I need to remind myself that data collection can be a slow process, ESPECIALLY when it is sent out by another source and is voluntary. I get it, I do. It is just hard to remain calm when the few data points that I’ve collected thus far are SO exciting!

While I was reviewing the data, I loved seeing the similarities between the current data set and the set I collected two years ago in Pittsburgh. Despite the difference in age, time, and country, there are seemingly similar mindsets and experiences. Of course, no inferences can be made, as my sample size here is still in it’s beginning stages, but the few data points I do have give me so much energy and fuel my desire to learn more about the stories and opinions of Deaf University students here in Spain.

However, I will continue to be as patient as possible and perhaps distract myself with other things…

((like medical school applications))

((and improving my LSE))

((and preparing for my English course tomorrow))

It is much easier to have patience when there is so much to do!